Thursday, 21 April 2016

August 16th 2015

               Its evening here , Im sitting in a boring lecture waiting for the clock to tick 5.30 pm and as though the universe was listening to me I looked at my wristwatch to see the time it was 5.29 pm, one minute after, the bell rang, I stood up instantly yawning and ignored the fact that the professor is looking at me. Well after that lecture he had it coming and as though he understood it we both walked out of the class at once and parted our ways.
              I reached the parking lot and took out my bike's keys from my jean's pocket, putting them in I ignited the engine wroomed it a little bit for casual attention( you know everybody needs a little attention from time to time) and went off.
              I was just outside the back gate of my college , it was a straight road ahead,I saw on the other side of the road a distinctive face that which for some reason I couldn't ignore. As she approached towards me I looked at her with immense curiosity to find that it was my college crush ! And Bam! fireworks started going off in my brain, I began thinking should I smile, should I wave my hand, should I stop and wave my hand like an idiot etc. And on the outer side it was just the regular blunt look on my face as I saw it in the rearview mirror. Desperate to do something when we pass each other I overcame my fear of rejection and decided to wave regardless of the response, and finally after somehow escaping the typical and consistent road potholes on a typical indian road, I gazed upon her and saw she was wearing an olive green coloured top, her hair were a little bit on her face, she was with her friend, she was holding some carrybags in her right hand and a water bottle in her other hand. As she looked upon me with her big bubbly eyes, time began to slow down magically like in a bollywood movie. My heartbeats were increasing and everything around was like hyper sensitive so that I could even feel the air around and listen to the accompanying buzzing fly. In the heat of the moment I waved at her with the biggest smile I could stretch on my face. And she desperately trying to acknowledge me freeing her hands somehow to wave back at me, gave me that beautiful sparkly smile and just when we she freed her hands to wave back at me I realised we passed each other and the moment was over before it even started..! And i was just left with the thought that "Why am I not with her? "


  1. Really amazing situation bro...;)

  2. I imagined it completely bro . Now it's time to get her .

  3. Superb explanation of tempting moment...!!!

  4. Thank u guyz your words are encouraging me to write some more...